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I am so happy you reached out enquiring about this work.

The CEO programs (The CEO Playground, The CEO Retainership and The CEO VIP Day) provide a space for you to be energetically supported to bring a life of connection, peace, presence, pleasure, and potency... all while activating your true being... awakening you as the CEO (creative energetic operative) of your life.

The CEO Playground is an intimate experience with a small group of women to provide connection and energetic support. The CEO Retainership is a high end one-on-one personalized mentorship that provides consistent energetic support and guidance. The CEO VIP Day is a full immersive experiential day full of energetics to nurture and restore. Read a bit more on some of the benefits of this type of work further down in this form.

The application process for this work is unique... I care deeply about the qualification process for my members. I am dedicated to attracting women who are devoted to the play and exploration of their own unique awareness, truth, power, presence, and energetics. This qualifying process benefits each participant.  

The next step is to complete the form below and then we will schedule a call. These questions will help me be more prepared for our call. Plus it will provide you and I with more guidance to see if we are on the same page. One of the key components in working together in this way is that it be a good fit for both of us.

This questionnaire does not obligate you to hop on a call or enroll in a program with me. It's simply the next step in exploring if this is a good fit for The CEO Playground, The CEO Retainership or The CEO VIP Day.

Answer each question below honestly and openly, knowing that your answers are 100% confidential. I only accept a small number of women into the playground in order to make it a special, nurturing, high touch space for each person participating.

After you fill out & submit the form below I will be in contact to set up a virtual connection. The intention of a call is for us to get a feel for each other and to get to know each other. I believe the conversation will feel easy and effortless when it is a great fit... it will feel like we “get" each other. You and I talking together will help each of us to explore what you are wanting/needing and to see if we feel it would be amazing to work in this capacity together. I want your experience to feel nurturing and supportive.

Once again, there is no obligation, or attachment to the outcome on my part. I just ask you to be in a space that you are willing and able to move forward if you feel led that it will provide what you want/need. Therefore, I will not schedule a call with you if you are not financially able. If finances are an issue, I am not the right person for you at this time as it is important for me to make sure that my clients are not putting themselves into hardship in order to work in this capacity with me. What I am offering to my clients requires that I keep my frequency strong so that I can stay clear, balanced, grounded and true. This is the way I run my business to keep my energy work very strong, and this is what I bring to my clients. This mutually supports both of us.

I firmly believe that in order for you to invest in anything you HAVE to feel the value of it... and who you choose to work with HAS to resonate with you 100%.

If this sounds good... Great! Fill in the form below, submit and I will be in contact shortly.

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This work provides a space to explore a deeper connection...into your truth, into your love and into your light. We play in a variety of fields to activate, awaken and expand those areas in deeper ways. This space is designed to viscerally support you in creating your peaceful, nourished and fulfilled life. Space where you explore, journey, create and know YOU... and tap into your energetics, and your expressive and expansive self. This is deep and powerful work. This work activates shifts within your physical, energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies... initiating openings and creating sacred space for you to expand and heal on a soul level. It provides high level nurturing support and guidance... plus fun, play, delight, and inspiration. To bring you fully into your space of potency where you will find the most alive YOU. To help you feel grounded in a place of presence, peace, and power. A playground filled with tools to help you tap deeper into your TRUE Self. Are you ready? It's going to be fun! Fill out the following questions and I will be in touch.
Does this sound like something you are looking for? *
How much does feeling into this work light you up? *
Which of the following fields do you want to awaken, activate, open and/or expand? (check as many as you would like, and if you mark other make sure to write what that field is) *
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Which of the following currently best describes you (pick as many as you would like)... *
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Are you looking more for energetic support, or mentoring, or connections with other like minded supportive women? *
What is your biggest dream/desire for the next year? *
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What are your biggest struggles/challenges that you can identify in your life right now? *
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Which of the following do you want release? (check as many as you would like) *
In the question above, what are the top 3 you would like to release and shift the most ? *
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What is the biggest resistance, fear, doubt or lie that you are aware of in your life currently? *
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Do you hear your inner wise voice? If so, what wisdom is she offering up to you? *
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I have limited spots available in The CEO Playground, The CEO Retainership, and The CEO VIP Day programs. I am super intentional with my time and energy.... therefore highly selective of who I work with. I want to make sure that we are a good fit for each other. Why do you want to work with me? Why do you believe you might be a good fit for one of my programs? *
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Are you more interested in The Playground, The CEO Retainership, or The CEO VIP Day? *
Are you currently able to commit to the time and energy if invited into a program? If other, please share. *
Working with me in this capacity is deeply personalized supportive work. The Playground has limited availability, and I only take a few 1:1 clients each year. The minimum down payment, often taken over the phone, should we decide to work together is $1,667 for The Playground, $3,000 for The CEO VIP Day, and $10,000 for a 1:1 Retainer. If invited to a call are you able to invest at that level, without undue stress, if you feel it is a good fit? *
Is there is anything else you would like to share, or that I should know? Please share here.
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Congratulations on taking this beautiful step. I appreciate your transparency and willingness to show up and share with me. You will hear from me within 24-48 business hours following my review of your questions to confirm and schedule our chat. I am excited with the possibility of working & playing within the framework of these potent containers! Here's to many adventures, Robin xx
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