Twilio Porting API - Developer Preview
We are pleased to announce Developer Preview access to the new Twilio Porting API. This API allows users to submit port requests and track their progress through a REST API. More specifically, users can:

- Track status of port requests to completion
- Pre-configure numbers for immediate use on Twilio platform after porting
- Build a porting workflow directly into their app, allowing end users to submit and monitor port requests directly
- Have more control over the timing of ports by requesting a specific date and time for the completion of each port
- Electronically sign and submit Letter of Authorization (no need to scan and upload any other supporting documents)

Before we make the Porting API more broadly available to all users through our Beta program, we work with a limited set of customers to help us test the new functionality in the real world, with real applications. We have tested the API internally and don’t expect you’ll have problems should you choose to participate in this Developer Preview, but you should be aware that occasionally this testing phase reveals issues that we cannot detect in our test labs. Please keep this in mind as you deploy this API in your application. Should any issues arise, you can expect the same level of support and responsiveness that you’ve come to expect from Twilio.

We currently only support porting of United States landline and wireless numbers through the Porting API.

To request Developer Preview access to the Porting API, please complete and submit this form. Please note that early access is limited and not all requests may be granted. Thank you!
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Please note any specific details regarding the porting requests you plan to submit or the application that will use the Porting API.
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