GVS - Anonymous Incident Reporting
GVS is committed to providing any student, parent or educator opportunity to report incidents in a safe and anonymous manner by giving them an effective online reporting system.

GVS aims to enhance and foster a schools ability to address incidents in a proactive and timely manner by providing detailed reports of incidents.

All reports will be taken seriously will be responded to in an appropriate manner.

Reports submitted after 4:00 PM, on the weekend, or on a day with no school will be reviewed within a timely manner the following school day. If this is an emergency and help is needed immediately tell a trusted adult.

Reports are sent directly to the administration.

Reports will stay anonymous based on the information you provide.
Name of Offender
If not known, provide a description of the person
Grade of Offender (if known)
Location of Incident *
Details of incident *
Add your story here. Include as much information as possible about the incident - who, what, when, where, why.
Date that this happened
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Identify as many other people that are involved or witness this incident
Witnesses *
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Category *
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Reporter's Information
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