Dragon Club Satisfaction Survey
Dragon Club would like to know what you think about the care we offer your child, and
our relationship with you. Please could you spend a few minutes answering these questions to
help us improve our service?

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When you were choosing childcare, what was most important to you? *
What do you like about Dragon Club? *
What do you dislike about Dragon Club? *
Based on your experience, would you recommend Dragon Club to another parent? *
Do you have any concerns about the way in which we care for your child? *
How could we improve our service? *
My child is happy to attend the club *
I feel that I have made the right choice of childcare for my child *
My child is encouraged to behave well *
I have a good relationship with the club staff *
Staff are approachable and willing to discuss my concerns *
The club communicates information well *
I don’t know what my child does at the club each day *
I am concerned that my child is bored or unhappy at the club *
The club is helping my child to become responsible and independent *
The club offers a good range of play opportunities and activities *
I feel that the quality of service reflects the fees charged *
The club opening times meet my current childcare requirements *
I am happy with the snacks provided by the club *
I am happy with the breakfast options provided by the club *
Any other comments or improvement suggestions
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