Mesa Student Citizen of the Year
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Instructions for Applicants: Please submit the following documents by 4:00 pm, Thursday, January 10, 2019. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.
Students are responsible for having all the documents together before turning in the application. Please stay on top of everything, so that the deadline is met. Applications not complete will not be considered.

Students must be available for the interviews after school and early evening of January 24, 2019 and be present at the awards presentation the evening of February 19, 2019.

General Information:
Monetary awards will be given to four seniors graduating from Mesa Public Schools in 2019 who have completed 150 hours or more of outstanding community service during their years in high school. At least 150 of the student’s service hours must be recorded on their MPS transcript.

Awards of $1000 will be given to four students for unrestricted use. The awards will be presented at the annual Mesa Citizen of the Year banquet in Mesa on February 19, 2019. The recipients must be present.

Criteria for Eligibility:
• Students must be qualified for, or be on track to receive, the Mesa Public Schools Honor for Excellence in Service Learning. This award recognizes students when 150 hours or more of service are recorded on their transcripts. Service learning hours to date will appear on the students’ transcripts.
• Strong preference will be given to students who have been involved in community service activities throughout their years of high school (as opposed to “just during ninth grade” or “just this year”). Service may be listed, described, and referred to; even though it does not appear on the transcript, but it is preferred that most of the student’s hours be recorded on the transcript.
• Students must demonstrate a commitment to lifelong service to the community.
• Students must demonstrate the potential to be successful in future life experiences.
Application Process
Selection and Notification
The Mesa Citizen of the Year Student Awards Committee comprised of former Citizens of the Year will conduct interviews with the finalists on Thursday, January 24, 2019 beginning at 4:00 pm. Telephone and email notifications to interview finalists will be made by Thursday, January 17. 2019. This notification will identify the start time of the 20-minute interview. The interviews will be held at 155 N. Center St. Please make sure your email address and telephone numbers are legible on your application. The first attempt to reach you will be by email or text. Notification to awardees and all others will be made by Sunday, January 27, 2019. Four students will be recognized as Mesa’s Student-Citizen of the Year at the Mesa Citizen of the Year annual banquet on Tuesday, February 20th at the Mesa Hilton Hotel.

Contact Debra Duvall at

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Student Letter
Upload a four to five paragraph letter addressed to the Citizen of the year Student Community Service Awards Committee that answers ALL of the following questions. Your responses should include information on all the significant service you have done as a young person.

1. What are the major service activities and projects in which you have participated? Please estimate how many hours you spent with each activity.

2. What have you observed and learned about others and our community from your service experiences?

3. What have you learned about yourself through these service activities and experiences?

4. What are your basic plans for your education, career and future?

5. How do you envision you will be involved in community service throughout your life, in your chosen career and future plans?

Student Letter
Resume (if available)
School Transcript (unofficial transcript is accepted)
A Signed Verification of hours from the Service Learning Coach if the current transcript does not show 150 hours or more.
Letter of Recommendation from high school faculty
Letter of Recommendation from a Community Member. This is another adult, not a relative, who is familiar with your community service (preferably a volunteer supervisor outside of your high school).
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