UAF IANRE Youth Development Programs Phase B Mitigation Tool
Thank you for choosing to be an important part of the Alaska 4-H and Alaska FFA programs. Our staff have worked hard to develop and have approved a safety mitigation plan in response to COVID-19. Safety is our #1 goal in all of our youth development programs.

University of Alaska Fairbanks Institute of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Extension Youth Development Programs (IANRE YDP) leadership recognizes that each community has a different context, and thus, some programs may choose to operate under more strict guidelines than set forth in Phase B. This policy is the benchmark for club and youth development program operations.

This policy is to be followed by all 4-H/FFA volunteers and staff who wish to have face to face programs. If the program occurs during school hours and in a school district facility, the more restrictive policies and protocol apply.

***Regarding Phase B: Please note, UAF and IANRE YDP will continue to monitor the situation and may modify guidance as conditions change.

If you, as a program leader for 4-H/FFA programs decide to hold face to face programming under Phase B, the policies below will take effect.


A group includes the number of people actively participating in the programming (including any participating staff, volunteer, youth, parents, siblings, etc.).

A family unit includes individuals living together as a family unit.

A non-participant is someone who is on site, observing, but is not active in the group. This person must practice social distancing and be at least 6 feet from the active group at all times.

Personnel refers to staff or volunteer leading the youth development program (YDP)

Program or YDP refers to any face-to-face youth development program similar in nature over a period of time.
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