2017 PSAL Freestyle Wrestilng, Non-League Dual Meet Scheduling Request Form
1. Each PSAL team may schedule a maximum of TWO non-league duals. Each team is limited to ONLY TWO.

2. Duals MUST be agreed upon by both schools Coaches and both Schools Athletic Directors before being submitted on this form.

3. Duals MUST be against other PSAL Teams.

4. A Non-League Dual Meet is not official until you have received a confirmation of approval from the PSAL AND the Dual Meet appears on your team's schedule at PSAL.org.

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E-mail of AWAY Athletic Director *
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By submitting this non-league dual meet request form I am confirming that this dual meet has been approved by my school's A.D., the opposing school's coach, and the opposing school's A.D. *
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