Neighborwoods Coordinator Registration (1 per neighborhood)
Register to be a Neighborwoods Coordinator and organize a TreesGreenville tree planting in your neighborhood!

TreesGreenville is a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Our mission is to plant, promote, and protect trees.

We plant 15 gallon container trees. Residents can pick the species based on a list of what is locally available from nurseries. There will be small, medium, large, and evergreen options. Our staff will come out to each address and make recommendations based on available space, 811 utility markings, and resident requests.

We plant trees with volunteers on Saturday mornings. In order to organize a volunteer event, we request each neighborhood submit a minimum of 15 address requests for at least 17 trees. One address may apply for up to 2 trees.

Submit this form and we will create a resident registration form for your neighborhood!

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TreesGreenville provides discounted trees. It costs us $200 to plant one tree. In low-income neighborhoods, trees are free. In moderate to high income neighborhoods, there is a fee per tree. What do you think is a fair fee per tree in your neighborhood (includes tree, mulch, soil, fertilizer, site visit with our staff, volunteer recruitment & training, tree installation)? *
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We plant trees in winter between October and March. When is your target month for a tree planting project? *
Our Forestry Staff will be in touch soon!
Contact Kylie Stackis at or 678-863-7189 with any questions.
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