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Thanks for your interest in sharing Jeffco CTC ( coalition and youth created materials in the community! Please indicate which materials you'd like to receive in printed hard copies along with your contact information.

This is currently a pilot project. Coordination of all materials requested by December 1st, 2021 will happen as Jeffco CTC staff is able to given limited availability while helping Jeffco Public Schools facilitate the administration of the Healthy Kids Colorado Survey in November. Delivery will occur during the month of December 2021.

More information on each of these materials can be found here:
% posters: and
"They Need You to Say No" posters:
Twelve Talks printables:
Free Parent/Guardian Workshops flyers (NSET/STC):
Twelve Talks Conversation Cards:
Jeffco CTC 2021 Risk & Protective Factor Data Report:
Jeffco Teens poster: and
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% Posters
"They Need You To Say No"
Twelve Talks Conversation Cards set
Other Twelve Talks printables (specify below)
Parent/Guardian Workshop flyers (NSET & STC) in English & Spanish
Jeffco CTC 2021 Risk & Protective Factor Data Report
Jeffco Teens Poster
If different quantities are desired, please specify the item(s) and desired number of sets/copies.
(Example) "They Need You To Say No" - 25 copies; Twelve Talks Conversation Cards - 3 sets.
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The Jeffco CTC team will email you to set up a day, time, and location (if sending/delivering) that works for you.
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