2018-2019 High School SL Application
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- Maintaining the (1 Timothy 4:12) leadership expectations and values
- Being honest and transparent in your words, actions, relationships, faith, and purity
- Consistently diving into God’s Word and letting the Holy Spirit transform you
- Attending all Student Leader Meals, meetings, and trainings
- Having done the work required (ie: listening to podcasts and taking notes, reading the chapters
of the book we assign, preparing ahead of time, meeting with a mentor, ect.)
- Praying for Kidz Club and City Life, the schools around us, Monroe, yourself, your family, etc.
- Being an active participant in the Christian community at your church or MCC
- Understanding that you are held to a higher standard & remaining open to correction/accountability for Student Leaders regarding your actions, words, social media usage, clothing, etc.
Please explain concerns you may have with with the above commitments.
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Please take time to thoughtfully answer each of the following questions.
1. From your perspective, what is the purpose of the Student Leadership, and how does it impact our community?
2. Describe your current relationship and commitment to Jesus Christ.
3. Why do you want to be on the leadership team – what do you expect to gain from being a leader?
4. What do you consider your strengths – what can you offer the leadership team?
5. Currently, how do your words and actions serve as a positive role model?
6. Describe one of your personal, academic or spiritual goals for this next year. How would being a part of our Leadership Team enable you to do meet your goal?
7. Read the Bible verse 1 Timothy 4:12. Which of the five ways to set an example do you want to work on most this year? Why?
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8. Part of High School Student Leadership is participating the weekend SL Retreat (cost $50) on September 7th-9th to spend time growing as a team. Can you commit to attending this special time? Why do you believe this time is important to our team? *
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9. Part of High School Student Leadership is participating a Local Mission Trip Outreach on or around Spring Break of 2019. Would you be interested in participating in this? Please explain any ideas you have for this Mission Trip Outreach. *
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10. What other activities are you involved in? (Sports, Extracurricular Activities, Jobs, Clubs, etc.) Are you in leadership roles in any of these activities? If so – which and in what capacity? Will any of these activities cause a scheduling problem for you? If so – explain.
Commitment Agreement
I understand that I am committing to attending every meeting, club and special event, being there on time, and having done any reading or preparation required. No exceptions, unless providentially hindered. I understand and agree that I will have to say no to important things in order to meet this commitment, and I am willing to do so. We will lay out our schedule for the year at our first student leader dinner. I will manage my other commitments around the dates selected for student leadership dates and events.

Teachability Agreement
I understand that I will be given tough and honest feedback. I will do all within my power to receive this feedback in love and to learn from it. I will avoid defensiveness, knowing that when I defend, I lose the opportunity to learn. I am committing to being open to examine myself; my personality, my past, my habits, my anger, and my response to people. I want to learn. I want to change, to be more like Jesus Christ in every way.

The follow questions will help us determine where and how you will be helping this year.

We will do our best to honor your suggestions while also meeting the program and team needs!

Which days/programs are you available to volunteer on? *
Which days/programs are you most interested in? *
What areas of the the Leadership Program interest you? *
What part(s) of the Student Leadership Experience are you most excited about? *
What areas do you feel would be most helpful for High School Student Leaders to study & discuss this year? *
What kind of SL Swag would you be most interested in? *
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It is important that your parent(s) understand what you are committing to this year through Student Leadership! If accepted, You will also need to complete a Parent Recommendation Form
Do you feel supported by your parent(s)? Please explain. *
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