NMAFP Poster Submission Form 2018-2019 (Deadline November 19th, 2018 at 5:00PM)
Submit your poster project here for consideration for presentation at the 2019 NMAFP Winter Refresher on February 23, 2019 in Albuquerque, NM

Please fill out the following information about yourself. If this is a group project, please include information about all the residents/students involved

Contact Email for the project
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Author #1 Name
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Project Description
Tell us about your project: remember, the major components of an effective poster presentation include: statement of the problem, materials and methods section as applicable, results, and conclusions/recommendations, so please use that or a similar format. Acceptable formats may vary a little depending on the kind of project. For works in progress, please tell us what steps are left and what the expected outcomes/results/products are.

Selection criteria include
1. Clear statement of project background and issue being addressed
2. Relevance to the field of Family Medicine
3. Originality of project
4. Perceived impact of project

For Work In Progress:
Please briefly describe your project, subjects, expected outcomes, and why this is relevant to Family Medicine.

For Completed Research Projects:
a.       Purpose/Background: Describe the issue addressed and any relevant background information
b.      Methods: Describe the project, participants, setting, interventions, measures, outcomes, and analyses
c.       Results: Principal findings
d.      Conclusions/Discussion

For clinical vignettes
a.       Case Presentation: Please briefly describe your clinical case
b.      Discussion: Why is this case important, what did you learn? Why is it relevant to Family Medicine?
c.       Conclusion: What are your take home points and how can this case be used to change future clinical practice?

Project Title
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Project Description
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