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Brighton Dome Postcard
How did you first become involved with, or find out about, QueenSpark? *
This helps us see how we are reaching people
What keeps you interested in our work?
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How would you describe your ethnic origin? *
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Please indicate if you have heard of any of the QueenSpark books listed below. *
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What do you like best about QueenSpark? *
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Have you ever bought a QueenSpark book?
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Recently we have converted a few of our titles into e-books. Are there any QueenSpark titles that you would buy as an e-book?
Your answer can include QueenSpark books that are currently out of print and therefore unavailable.
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How do you think QueenSpark might engage with new participants and groups across the city? And why?
This is an optional question, but your answer could really help QueenSpark develop this area of its work. It would also be helpful if you could specify new participants you think we should be engaging with.
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Over the years QueenSpark has delivered a huge range of projects and books in the community. What would you like to see QueenSpark do next?
This can be an idea for a book - or a project in the community.
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This space is here if you would like to add any other comments about QueenSpark. It can be about its work, or QueenSpark as an organisation.
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