Pyo: Robotic platform for emotional research in the Human-Robot Interaction field
Pyo is a low-cost robotic platform aimed at researchers working in the field of Human Robot Interaction. It is based on the Arduino platform and additive manufacturing production process (3D printing FDM). It is an easy-to-manage, accessible and customisable tool to research used to test emotional and expressive capacity of a social robot. The current version of Pyo is developed with a focus on non-verbal communication using facial expressions, auditory icons and body language.

The purpose of the research is to investigate how robots’ non-verbal communication can trigger an emotional response and to what extent expression and feeling are connected in a human-robot interaction.

You will be shown 6 emotional expressions performed by Pyo. Please play the video and then select the emotion you think Pyo is expressing.

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The data collection will be carried out in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, Directive (EU) 2016/680 and will be used exclusively for scientific and technical publications about human-robot interaction. They will be processed in an anonymous form and sensitive and personal data will not be communicated or disseminated in any way.
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