BronyTales Role Application
Here is the form where you can submit an application to roleplay as a canon character in BronyTales!

You will be informed in game or on Discord once we have finished reviewing the application, regardless of if you are accepted or not. (Discord preferred)

If you do not receive a reply within the next week, please message an admin.

Remember: "Tier 1" characters not only have higher quality standards, but also take into consideration recent activity and interactions with others while online. Even shy and quiet characters need to hang around in public chat, and we want to make sure that you're good with talking and comfortable with taking initiative ;)
Role Applying For *
In-game name *
In-game nickname
Discord ID (name and #number)
Roleplay prompt!
Here's where you can prove your merit! Show us how well you can play the character you're applying for!

Here are a few suggested prompts you can use to get yourself started, but feel free to do something else!
• From your character's perspective, why does this character want to join BronyTales?
• Host a party! Who's invited? What's planned? How did it go?
• You learned a friendship lesson! Write a letter to Princess Twilight to tell her about it!
Roleplay prompt response: *
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