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Welcome to the BronyTales canon application form! Here you can apply to roleplay as a canon character of your choice. If you haven't already, we recommend reading the "roleplay rules" and "canon roles" sections of the Roleplay page on our website:

After reviewing your application a member of the staff team will reach out to you to let you know whether or not your application has been accepted. We prefer to use Discord for this since it makes it easy for us, so please include your Discord info in the sections below if you have an account!

Applications are reviewed as soon as our team can get around to them, but certain cases may arise where the team is unable to review your application. If you do not receive a response about your application within a week of applying, please do not hesitate to message a staff member!

Looking for tips to improve your chances of getting your application approved? We look for people who are already very active on the server and your actions with other members of our community (bonus points if you've already been doing lots of RP with them!). 

Even the most shy and quiet characters are required to hang out and chat with others, and we want to make sure that you're good with talking and comfortable with taking initiative! 

If you're unfamiliar with roleplaying you may want to try your hand with a "Tier 2" or "Tier 3" canon before applying for a "Tier 1" one. We hold Tier 1 applications to a very high standard and are looking for extraordinary quality in them.

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Roleplay Application Prompt!

Now's your chance to show us what you've got! By using the following text field, please give us an example of how you'd roleplay as the character you're applying for.

Here's a few suggested prompts you may use to get yourself started, but we welcome going outside of the box. Feel free to come up with your own if you feel it'll improve your application!

• From your character's point of view, why are they coming to Equestria? What are they hoping to do/see there?

• Perhaps your character is hosting a party! Who's invited? Anything special planned? How did it go?

• Maybe your character has learned a valuable lesson about friendship! Have them write up a letter to tell Princess Twilight all about it!

• Or come up with your own unique prompt/scenario you'd like to answer. We love to see how creative people can get!

We recommend only choosing one of the prompts above, as combining them all into one application can make it a bit in-cohesive and difficult to read!

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