Small Group Discussion
This guide will help our small group leaders lead discussions at any small group meeting. If there is anything more we can do for you, feel free to email Rustin at
Opener: God wants us to be holy. He will change our perspective of other people. How has God changed your perspective about others in the past week?
Opener: Jesus has set us an example for how to interact and react to other people. We've learned a great deal about interacting and reacting from family and friends. In what ways have you noticed the impact of family and friends on you in the way that you interact and react to others?
Scripture: John 13:1-17
Scripture Question: How do you think Jesus washing the disciples feet would have impacted the disciples understanding in how to interact and react to one another?
Scripture Question: Jesus set them an example in servanthood and he also set them an overall example for how to interact and react to others. What overall have you learned from Jesus in how to interact and react to others?
Closing Question: Jesus said, "Now that you know these things, you will be blessed if you do them." In what ways has God blessed you in your obedience of His Word?
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