CARLA:TTLO 2020 Participant Questionnaire
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If you teach more than one language, place a star (*) next to the language you will focus on to create an online lesson for this institute.
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How long have you been teaching language courses? *
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Where do you teach? What school, what position? *
For example: I am a Chinese teacher at Huron High School
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Courses Taught in 2019 *
Include grade level and language level. For example, I taught 3 classes of beginning German to 8th graders.
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Which online tools or applications have you used with your students (if any)? *
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Why are you interested in participating in this program, and what are your plans for teaching online? *
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Technical Skills *
I have a computer available to me at home and/or in my office
I access the Internet frequently and can search the Internet for what I need
I am comfortable in using email in the language I teach
I am comfortable in using word processing software in the language I teach
I am comfortable in using presentation software such as PowerPoint
I am able to download files from the Internet and can attach files to an email
I regularly use technology to support my face-to-face teaching
I am confident exploring new technology applications on my own.
Time Management and Course Commitment: Are you ready to take this online course? *
This course requires frequent written and sometimes oral interaction.
Most of the time
Not much of the time
I am able to access this online course multiple times a week.
I am able to post to this online class multiple times a week.
I can dedicate approximately 8 hours each week to this program.
I am able to commit to twice weekly deadlines.
I can meet synchronously at least twice during the program (times to be determined)
I can be responsive to my course colleagues, responding to emails multiple times a week.
I understand and practice good online etiquette ("netiquette").
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