cog survey of UK outreach projects
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cog survey of UK outreach projects
COG (Christadelphian Outreach Group) is a new charity with three simple objectives:
    1. To fund outreach projects that ecclesias and individuals are doing;
    2. To pilot projects ourselves that ecclesias and individuals can get involved in;
    3. To raise general awareness of outreach within our UK Christadelphian community.

One thing we’re very keen to do is gauge what outreach is currently happening across the UK in ecclesias or by individuals. We'd like to hear about  any outreach projects that you've been involved in - or that you are aware of. It would be good to hear of unsuccessful projects as well as the successful ones, so that we can learn from experiences. To this end, we'd ask you please to complete the survey below. To complete the survey online, please go to:
Name *
Ecclesia *
Email address *
Details of outreach project  (including an email address for a link person for information about the project, and the impact that the project had on those involved) *
What legal aspects would anyone need to consider who wanted to run a similar project? (Insurance needs, DBS Checks, Duty of Care: Things that MUST be done, Things that MUST NOT be done) *
Is there any necessary volunteer training needed? (Confidentiality, how to handle disclosures, volunteer-supplicant relationships etc. how to relate to those with addictions and mental health issues etc.) *
Do you have images or videos of outreach projects that we can use on our blogspot, social media, or for in-house awareness days? We will email you if you have. *
Do you have any other comments which will help COG?
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