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Hi there! It's Andrea from Glass Sky Jewelry here!

So you’re looking for a great gift, something with meaning, that celebrates a special person in your life, and still stays within your budget? Let me help you find the perfect gift with personalized recommendations!

All I need from you is answers to some of the questions below. If you aren’t sure how to answer one, don’t worry, just skip it! I will work with whatever information you can share!

Once you hit submit, I’ll spend some time getting to know your special person through the information you share and then I’ll send you your personalized recommendations within 24 hours! There’s no algorithm here, just me, a real life person with the desire to help you find a gift that celebrates your special person!

Now, let’s find some jewelry that she will love and that will celebrate her and her strong, natural spirit!

P.S. The one required answer below is your email address. This is where I'll send your recommendations, but don't worry it won't be used for anything else!

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Would you describe her style as classic or edgy?
How about statement or subtle?
Would you say she has favorite outfits she always wears? Or does she like to explore different styles and mix it up?
Would you describe her as petite?
Does she have any metal allergies you know of?
Is her hair short or long? If it's long, would you say she mostly wears it up or down?
If she works, what's her profession?
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What's something (or some things) she loves to spend her time doing?
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What's something she loves to do with friends?
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What's something you love about her?
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Anything else you'd like me to know about your special person?
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