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Do you care about Election Integrity? This year is critical. To be trained to be a poll watcher please fill in this form and you will be contacted. Poll watching is a critical volunteer position that takes place at the 35 polls in our township on Election Day or for early voting days. We will have training classes on 10/14/20 at 6-7PM and 10/17/20 at 7-8PM, 11/1/20 at 7-8PM via zoom. We will give your credentials and paperwork to give to voters while poll watching if they have a problem. They can be picked up at 906 Lacey Ave. Unit 118, LIsle, IL. We are open 4PM - 7:30 on Thurs or 1-8 on Fri & Wends or 2-5 on Mon & Tues or 10-2 on Sat or 10-1 on Sun. Your help is much appreciated.
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