Rapid Access Cloud Classroom use
Form to formalize RAC requirements for classroom teaching use
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Please provide the course name and number. If you plan to use it for more than one class, please fill the form out twice.
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When will the class end?
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How many virtual machines will you need?
Please specify if this is per student or for the entire class.
How many CPUs do you need per virtual machine?
How much RAM do you need per virtual machine?
How much volume storage do you need per virtual machine?
Is your Academic Institution IPv6 enabled?
You can check your current IPv6 capabilities at this URL: https://test-ipv6.com/
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How many public IPv4 addresses do you need for the entire class?
Note that IPv4 addresses are scarce and difficult to allocate.
If the total volume storage can be broken into smaller chunks, how small can each volume portion be?
How much OBJECT storage do you need per virtual machine?
Which Operating System(s) will you be using?
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