2020 Help us honor those who died by name
Thank you for helping us honor those in San Antonio lost to COVID-19, social injustice and other causes in 2020!

We'll tag a butterfly in your loved one's name and release it to join the magnificent monarch butterfly migration in October, when monarchs move through San Antonio. If your butterfly is recovered on the forest floor in Mexico and reported, we'll let you know. Recoveries are announced in the spring.

The photo you provide of your loved one will be incorporated into an altar we'll be constructing at Confluence Park in October, and possibly used in a documentary we're making.

The audio clip of the victim's name will also be incorporated into our documentary, 2020: A Metamorphosis, which will be shared with the community on October 29th.

The goal of this effort is to honor the victims by name.

We'll also provide community members the opportunity to construct an altar in safety of their own home. The first 50 participants are eligible for a FREE altar kit assembled by local artists through our Altar Project. The kit will provide components of an ofrenda, assembled and created by local artists and overseen by San Antonio artist José Sotelo: including candles, pan muerto, fabric dyed with marigold extracts by local artist Amada Miller, a rendition of a monarch butterfly, sugar skulls, marigold flowers grown by Cecile Parrish, and a reusable art box designed by Jose Sotelo. *NOTE: We have hit our mark of 50 Altar Project sign-ups, and are out of available kits.*

Again, thank you for your help in providing this small gesture of hope and healing to the San Antonio community.

Questions? Email us at texasbutterflyranch@gmail.com
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