20th Annual Great Maine Bike Swap
Thank you for your support of the Bicycle Coalition of Maine and the 20th annual Great Maine Bike Swap!

Volunteering for the 2020 Great Maine Bike Swap includes Saturday, April 25 and Sunday, April 26.

Volunteer orientation will be held from 7-7:30 p.m. on Saturday, April 25 at the USM Sullivan Gymnasium (66 Falmouth Street, Portland, ME). You will meet your team, learn your role, get familiar with the event layout, and pick up your t-shirt and admissions bracelet.

Upon completion of orientation, volunteers will have the opportunity to purchase bicycles from 7:45-8:30 p.m.

(For a description of each volunteer role, scroll to the bottom of this form.)
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Description of Volunteer Roles
Price Advisor:
This role entails being able to quickly evaluate whether or not a bike is unrideable. Volunteers should be able to identify cracks in a bike frame, chain malfunctions, etc. and should have adequate knowledge of bike mechanics as well as familiarity with bike prices and value.

Bicycle Registration & Check In:
This role requires volunteers to guide bike sellers through the registration process. Volunteers in this role should be very comfortable with typing and computer-savvy. This role also includes cashiers who are responsible for processing payments from bike sellers registering a bike.

Bicycle Runner:
This role is responsible for setting up all the bike racks prior to the start of the event. When registration begins, runners help to tag bikes, pump up tires, and run registered bikes to the correct racks. Once the Swap is in full swing, runners move bikes from the test ride area (bikes that aren’t being purchased) back to the appropriate racks and help consolidate bikes onto racks as inventory shrinks.

Test Ride Set Up & Monitor:
Volunteers stationed at the Test Ride area will need to have test riders complete a waiver form, collect their ID/license, and help riders pick a helmet that fits. This role may require that you spend a portion of the day outside.

Bike Swap Admissions:
Working in teams of two, volunteers will collect the admissions fee and distribute admissions bracelets. Once there is no longer a line, volunteers will be stationed outside the gymnasium entrance checking that each person entering has paid by checking for bracelets.

Floor/Fit Advisor:
Advisors volunteer on the sales floor helping Swap attendees find the right bike for them. This role informs customers about the type of bike, size, quality, etc. Once the Swap is in full swing, advisors will help run bikes from the test ride area (bikes that aren’t being purchased) back to the appropriate racks and help consolidate bikes onto racks as inventory shrinks.

Test Ride Mechanics:
All bicycles must pass a safety check before being ridden in the test ride area. Volunteers in this role should know how to determine if a bike is unrideable as well as perform an ABC quick check. Volunteers should also be able to pump tires, lube a chain, adjust a seat, and check for a properly fitting helmet.

Bicycle Sales and Check out:
There are several tasks that will be assigned within this volunteer role. This team will maintain an efficient check out line, complete sales transactions, oversee proof of sales procedures and post online confirmation of the sale. This year we will be using a QR code system, some volunteers with smartphones will be required.

Make sure that everyone entering the Swap has an attendee bracelet. Ensure anyone exiting the gym with a bike has a SOLD sticker on the bike tag (receipt) that matches the bike they are leaving with. Survey the Swap to help ensure that unsold bikes do not leave the event venue.

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