Application: Call For Talent 2017
Welcome to the Call for Talent!
If you want to apply with an innovation idea, we invite you to use the Call for Innovations form at

This form is for:
• Highly driven and talented individuals who want to see more access to justice and more justice innovation in the context they live and work in.
• Individuals who have a very specific skill set that can be useful for joining a justice startup or to create disruptive justice innovation but who have no idea.

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Here's where we get to know a bit about you and your motivation to be a justice leader!
Demonstrate your motivation to really make a difference in bringing access to justice and in enabling more justice entrepreneurship and innovation?
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Why do you excel at being a bridge builder, between the existing justice system and innovations?
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Convince us that you are really knowledgeable about the justice system in a country.
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Make the case that you are well connected with the persons and organisations who can bring justice innovation forward in a certain location, country, legal or technological innovation area.
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