Parent Survey for Continuous School Improvement
We will use the feedback on this survey to help guide our efforts for continuous school improvement. Thank you for your help!
In what grade is your child?
My child is:
What is your relationship to the child?
How many adults in your household work outside the home for income?
How many years have you lived in this school district?
How many hours of television/video game does your child usually watch/play each day?
Which best describes your family?
Clear selection
Which best describes your household?
Which best describes you?
How many children in your household are under 18 years old?
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Please mark any educational programs in which your child participates:
Which category best describes your age?
What one thing is likely to take the largest share of your child's time in the year after high school?
What is the highest degree or level of school you have completed? (If you're currently enrolled in school, please indicate the highest degree you have received.)
Which category best describes the total annual income of your household?
Which of the following best describes your child's grades so far in school?
How would you say that the Houston High School has changed from five years ago?
How much time does your child spend on homework each day?
Students are often given the grades A, B, C, D, and F to denote the quality of their work. If Houston High School was graded the same way, what grade would you give them?
How much time does your child spend reading at home each day?
Select the current Vision Statement of Houston High School?
How often during the past 12 months have you done the following?
Once or twice
3 to 5 times
6 to 10 tmes
10+ times
Communicated with your child's teacher
Gone to an open house at school.
Attended parent/teacher meetings.
Visited the school on your own.
Helped with school activities.
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Please answer YES or NO to the following:
I know the first name of 5 or more of my child’s closest friends.
I know the parents of 5 or more of my child’s closest friends.
I enforce family rules about how many hours my child can watch TV, or play video /computer games.
I enforce family rules about doing homework.
My child has access to the internet at home.
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How often do you do the following?
Not at All
Talk to your child about his/her experiences in school
Talk to your child about his/her plans for high school classes
Talk to your child about his/her plans for after high school
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Please indicate how much you agree or disagree on each statement
Strongly Agree
The school recognizes the accomplishments of my child.
My child's opinions are valued by teachers and administrators.
My child's school promotes an environment of mutual respect among students.
My involvement in my child's education has improved his/her achievement.
Parents are asked for input about school decisions.
Our school has a program that teaches and reinforces student self-discipline and responsibility.
My school has clear procedures for handling school emergencies.
The teachers show respect for the students.
The school values and respects differences among students and their families.
Effective assistance is provided for children having difficulty in school.
The way they teach at this school works well for my child.
My child is given a fair chance to succeed at school.
My child likes attending this school.
I can talk with my child's teachers or principal whenever I need.
I know how well my child is doing in class.
I feel my child is safe at school.
I receive information about the educational services available to my child at school.
My child's school building is in good condition.
The community provides enough resources for the schools to do a good job.
Discipline in my child's school is handled fairly.
If I could, I would send my child to a different school.
The school encourages parents to be involved.
Clear selection
Please indicate how much you agree or disagree on each statement.
Strongly Agree
In our community people tend to trust each other.
My child has been taught in school about respect for other cultures.
The school offers suggestions about how I can help my child learn at home.
I am a partner with the school in my child's education.
I know what my child's teachers expect in school.
The community is proud of this school.
My child's teachers are good teachers.
I expect my child to do well in school.
My child's teachers expect very good work from my child.
The school has helped my child establish educational and career plans.
The guidance counselor is available to help my child if he/she has a personal problem
Career-Technical Education is an essential part of the district’s program of studies.
I am aware of adult learning opportunities offered by the district.
Clear selection
What do you see as Houston High School's greatest strengths and areas for improvement?
Areas for Improvement:
Solutions to make our school better:
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