Dirty Diamonds #10 Submission Form
Welcome! We're thrilled that you want to submit to DIRTY DIAMONDS #10: Death. Before filling this form out, please be sure to read all of the submission specs over at dirtydiamonds.net/submit.

All proposals must be submitted by midnight on May 31st, 2019.

If you have any questions, feel free to email Kelly & Claire at editors@dirtydiamonds.net at any time.

Let's get to it!

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What will your comic be about? *
For this anthology, we're asking for proposals of what your "death"-themed comic will be about. Please give us as many details as you think we'll need, including any or all of the following: the general overview of your story or concept, a script, pieces of dialogue, how your comic relates to the theme - whatever will help us to best understand how your comic will come together.
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Do you have a second idea?
If you have more than one proposal or idea for a comic, feel free to tell us about it!
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Please share visuals and layouts related to your comic proposal. *
This year, we are requiring a visual aid along with your proposal. Thumbnails or sketches are the BEST way for us to get an idea of what your comic will look like in the end, and they are a big help in our decision-making process as we sort through many, many submissions. We're looking for a sense of the pacing of your story, seeing any interesting visuals you plan to include, and generally getting a feel for your style. Whether you have a few or many, please either link to your images in the field below, or email them directly to editors@dirtydiamonds.net after completing this form, AND indicate that you will be emailing us your files in the field below, along with which email address you will be sending us work from.
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How many pages do you anticipate you will need for your comic? *
We accept submissions between 2-4 pages in length.
Please link to some examples of your comics work. *
This can be a portfolio site, a blog, or anything else that gives us an idea of what your completed comics work is like. What we're looking for: examples of a completed story, how you handle layouts, and a representation of the style you plan to use (think tones, character design, etc.). Please include a link in the field below, or if you need to send samples via email, please send them to editors@dirtydiamonds.net AND indicate that you will be emailing us in the field below, along with which email address you will be sending us work from.
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