SSIO Young Adults Subcommittee Volunteer Form 2019
Thank you for expressing your interest in volunteering for the initiatives of the SSIO Young Adults subcommittees. We would like to know more about you and your interests so that we can provide you with opportunities to participate in the programmes available. The expression of interest will close on 9th February 2019.
"If not us, then who? If not now, then when?"
YA Subcommittees You Can Join
Serve The Planet (STP)

The Serve the Planet (STP) subcommittee will raise environmental awareness based on the theme ‘Protect the Planet - Call to Action’. Over the last two years, STP has been raising awareness of the key environmental issues impacting our planet through a variety of content in the form of study circle guides, presentations, personal and centre tips documents, community outreach guides, social media campaigns, and Sai Spiritual Education (SSE) initiatives. This has been done through research into Sathya Sai Baba’s teachings, available scientific data from credible sources, and teachings from leaders of other faiths, in the hope of establishing care and service to the planet as a spiritual practice. It is now Time to Act as a united cohort across the globe, to tackle these environmental threats individually and collectively through all levels of the SSIO, including SSE in Human Values and schools, and through outreach programmes, as well as raising awareness among the general public.

We are looking for enthusiastic Young Adults, who have a passion to create and spread awareness to protect our planet! Are you interested in supporting various initiatives in the organisation that foster environmental protection? If so, then please apply now!

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Love All Serve All (LASA)

The LASA subcommittee aims to promote unity through diversity and spread the human values of Love, Right conduct, Non-violence, Peace and Truth. Through music, selfless service, and educational activities, people from various faiths will be united to accomplish common goals. Young adults globally are encouraged to write and sing songs in different languages and tunes, without any mention of God or religion through any campaigns as such. It is expected the initiatives will ignite the flame of unity among all of us. The LASA subcommittee works closely with the Public Outreach Committee (POC) of the SSIO.

Are you musically talented? Want to lead the creation of global value based music videos that could be disseminated to the public to raise awareness of Sathya Sai Human Values? Then apply.

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Sadhana of Love

The Sadhana of Love Programme is based around Sathya Sai Baba’s teachings, with an emphasis on Self-confidence, Self-satisfaction, Self-sacrifice and Self-realisation. This team focuses on actively raising awareness through adopting the Sadhana of Love as the key programme to help elevate the spiritual growth of young adults worldwide. In addition, the team provides information on the benefits of the Sadhana of Love programme through practical and relatable tips to support young adults on their spiritual journey.

We are looking for dedicated Young Adults who have a sound understanding of Sathya Sai Baba’s teachings and a passion to spread His divine message through this structured programme. Is this you? Apply now.

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Young Adult Talent Development

The Young Adults Talent Development subcommittee maintains a platform to train young adults and equip them with tools to extend their existing skill set. The subcommittee aims to increase active contributors to the various projects undertaken by the SSIO. Monthly talent development webinars facilitated by subject matter experts will be organised by members of this subcommittee. The team consists of young adults with a human resource and young adult development background.

Do you have experience in running global webinars to empower others? Have creative ideas? Then apply!

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Information Management and Analytics (IMAS)

The IMAS will support the SSIO in acquiring, maintaining, analysing and communicating information. Engaging with the various subcommittees of the SSIO, the IMAS will develop systems for structured transfer, communication, control and reporting of data. The role of this subcommittee is important as the organisation grows and undertakes larger projects and engages in increased interactions with SSIO members, non-members and the wider community. The IMAS will work on principles established by Sathya Sai Baba and incorporate best practices prescribed by information management and data analytics practitioners.

We are looking for dedicated Young Adults who have experience in data-driven analysis using advanced Excel skills, Python, R or similar tools; experience of presenting insights in an understandable format to non-technical audiences and a willingness to learn and share knowledge in this area of expertise. Do you have these skills and a passion for data? Then apply now.

Group 4 Sai Spiritual Education (SSE) to Young Adult Transition

This subcommittee develops a specialised programme to strengthen the SSE Group 4 Programme. This team provides Group 4 students with an overview of the SSIO Young Adults Programme and assists with their transition into the Young Adults programme. Volunteers in this subcommittee are expected to have SSE experience and be in the academic, education, learning and teaching professions.

We are looking for Young Adults who have creative and interactive ideas to engage and connect with teens. SSE and education experience is preferred. Also someone who will be able to think like a young one but who is able to interact with a diverse team from various age groups.If you meet this criteria, apply now!

Young Adults Media Team

The Sai Young Adults Media Team work behind the scenes to support activities of the International Young Adult subcommittees and highlight the activities of the young adults from around the world. Through graphic design and video, the team manage the SSIO Young Adults Social Media accounts (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) to effectively communicate these messages. The team also work on-site at young adult based events in Prasanthi Nilayam in photography, videography and pre & post production.

Are you a web developer? Do you have design skills? Or are you a Story Board artist who has experience in using Adobe AfterEffects? Perhaps you are a video editor or a social media for business expert? If you are interested in joining the Global YA Media Team, then apply now!

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