Classroom Alive Bootcamp
The Bootcamp is a week-long gathering were teams of learners will go through a design process creating the plans for their own Classroom Alive.
The bootcamp will be for 3-5 teams (groups of 2-5 people). Each team will create their own Classroom Alive during the week. If you are inspired to participate but cannot find others to join you, fill in this application and let us know you are applying as an individual in the "Notes" field.
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What excites you most about Classroom Alive, and how did you hear about it? *
Team Members *
Tell us about yourselves! For each team member please provide a short biography including: name, residence, age, and education. ( Superpowers also welcome here such as: first aid, walking on water, and standing on your head).
Where/When *
Have you had thoughts about the where/when of your journey?
Studying *
Are there specific ways you would like to structure the studies on your trip? Each trip has a different approach to the studies, some are entirely individual others focus primarily on group study topics. How do you imagine designing your studies (are there certain topics you would like to study as a group etc.)?
Tell us a (short) story about your imagination for your journey. Is it just your group or are there other people joining? What food will you eat? What does a day look like? What does the place look like where you start and/or where you complete your journey? Who are the people you have met along the way?
What is your experience level with hiking/cycling/camping *
I have other things to tell you that didn't fit in the questions you asked...
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