Get Involved to Support Oak Park Schools
Thank you for supporting the Vote Yes for Oak Park Schools campaign. We need people like you to pass the two referenda on April 4!

Someone will be in touch with specific volunteer opportunities as they arise. You will be added to our general email list to receive campaign updates and information.

Email with any questions.

Thank you!

Just sign me up!
Put you on the list for anything that comes up.
Social Media Ambassador.
You will actively and frequently support the referenda on Facebook, Twitter, in your own online networks, etc. We have people you can go to for more information as needed.
I can hand out flyers outside events.
Stand outside for 30 minutes before and/or after key events to hand out information.
I can put flyers on doorsteps.
Walk a few blocks that could take 1-2 hours of time.
My porch can be a distribution point.
People can pick up items like signs, flyers, etc. from your porch.
I can distribute yard signs.
You can put signs in people's yards.
I can be an Area Captain.
Find and organize groups of people in my networks. Enter your type of network in "Other" (preschool, school name, church, sports team, scouts, etc.)
I can talk to people door to door.
With training and a script provided, you can go door to door to talk to people about the referenda and ask if they plan to vote yes.
I have this awesome skill that you would love.
Tell us what you can do!
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I want a yard sign.
Yard sign supplies are running very low. We may email you about availability.
I would like more than 1 yard sign.
Please indicate how many to be dropped off at your home.
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Use my name publicly, in a printed ad & online, showing I support the Vote Yes for Oak Park Schools campaign.
Your name may appear on our website and may be included in additional outlets. Use the "Other" field below with the format of your name if it differs from the first/last name you entered above. The deadline for the printed endorsement ad in the Wednesday Journal was March 17, 5:00 PM, and names included here prior to that will be printed.
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Please let us know anything else you think is important.
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