Evolvd Presents Cultivation Classic's 2nd Annual Budtender Appreciation Brunch 2019: NOMINATIONS FORM
Budtenders we love deserve all the love. This is your opportunity to nominate someone for the second annual CC Budtender Appreciation Brunch, presented by Evolvd, which is an invite only, community-driven event meant to celebrate the brightest, best, most scientifically-focused budtenders in Oregon.

We aim for a wide representation and encourage especially applications of budtenders who represent: racial or gender minorities, the physical ability spectrum, and dispensaries that are not in Portland.

Sunday, May 19
Noon - 2:00 p.m.
Tillamook Station
Free for invited BT, closed, private event.

Please contact brunch@cultivationclassic.cc

Visit cultivationclassic.cc for details about the main stage conference and other events happening for Willamette Week's Cultivation Classic, May 17-18.
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Why, in 200 words or less, does this person deserve to be invited to this celebration of budtender excellence in conjunction with Cultivation Classic? *
Please be specific, and try to highlight their ability to integrate science and education into their work with consumers. Maybe share a story about a great interaction you have had with this BT where you learned something new, highlight their efforts to spread true cannabis science, or talk about a unique qualifier this person has about the way they act to all who encounter them in their place of work.
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