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I have been looking, editing, updating, and talking about resumes for 20+ years. I can tell you in a matter of minutes what's missing from your resume as well as why your resume is not getting traction or interviews.


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1. My opinion of your resume; it's overall look and messaging.
2. If your resume is conveying your message/qualifications effectively to potential employers.
3. The top 3 things you can do to make your resume better now.

Note: This is a non-pressure conversation to discuss how your resume is helping or hurting your chances of securing your next great role.


"Deborah was instrumental in helping me reach my career goal which was to secure my next great role after 14 years with my previous company. She challenged me to recognize and capitalize on the things that made me successful during my entire career not just in this past role. Thank you Deborah!"

Carolyn Dunning, Senior Planning Leader

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