Remidemo Testnet privilege features request
To better enable the HackerOne researchers with their testing, Remitano has launched a Testnet on

Remidemo is a replica system of our production system. Please note that the usernames in both systems are totally independent, so kindly register a new username on the the Remidemo testnet.

There are some areas in the Testnet which you may request for additional privileges to test:
Eg: If you need a verified account to open an buy advertisement, you can update with some sample images and request to verify your account
Eg: Request coin balance to test the trading feature

If you have several requests, please note that you will need to submit this form multiple times.

At the moment, requests are approved manually and you will receive access within 24 hours. We are looking to automate this and appreciate your patience.

Thank you,
Remitano Team
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Note that you will need a username on Remidemo, which is different from the Remitano prod system
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