Staff Application
Rules for applying
- You must have at least 5 days worth of play time. (check by using /pt)
- You must have discord and be on the discord server.
- You must be willing to use discords voice-chat
- You must wait 2 weeks before applying again
- Do not ask staff to view your application.
- Take your time and plan out your application, add as many details as possible without being repetitive.
- If you are accepted then you will be messaged on discord by either an owner or co-owner. Acceptance may take a few days.
- Your application will be discussed and completely visible to other staff members to see.
- You must be at least 15 to apply
- If accepted, you will be placed in the position temporarily and supervised.
- While not required, previous staff positions on a Minecraft server,moderating a forum or community, or being well known throughout the server will be a plus.
- As funny as you think you are, leave the jokes off of this.
Good luck on your application.
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