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CrazyTalk is an exercise in vulnerability, risk and emotional exposure; a variety show encouraging those with mental health struggles to dare greatly and talk about their discomfort so that we can come together and lean into important experiences that are with uncertainty: love, belonging, trust, joy, creativity, and entrepreneurship to name a few.

London is full of incredibly strong people, people who have failed multiple times and then found success, others who survived trauma and still get out of bed. All bold, resilient, strong and willing to break the stigma associated with mental health if given the platform.

We’re hungry for people who have the courage to say, “I need help” or “I own that mistake” because their courage is intoxicating. Because vulnerability is the first thing we look for in others (and the last thing we are willing to show anyone). Because in others, it’s courage and daring (in us, it’s weakness). And there are people willing to show up, share, and smash the stigma associated with vulnerability if given the platform.

People are done hustling for their worthiness and are ready to standing in it if given the platform.

So we created CrazyTalk to do all this. To build resilience. To inspire self-help in others. And so much more.
All applications will be reviewed and followed up on via email. Please fill out all applicable fields to the best of your ability for consideration.

All applications are kept on file and should you not be accepted this time around, you are eligible to perform at the next event.

Thank-you for your interest in joining us at CrazyTalk!

Get creative! CrazyTalk is happy to accommodate various presentation mediums including interviews, monologues, speeches, spoken word etc.
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