Belpark Media Storm Report
To help forward storm report information to the proper NWS office, we provide this form as a service to you. In order to use this form you must answer all questions. This form is meant mainly for damage reports following a storm. Reports should ideally be sent DIRECTLY to the NWS office that serves you and/or to the appropriate local agency.

Later in this form, we ask for your name and email to help with report verification and to identify those who may be abusing the system. That section will help us follow up with you about your report if we or the NWS have any questions. Disclosure of personal information in that section is completely voluntary and will be forwarded to the NWS only with your consent (which you will have an opportunity to provide in that section). Here is the rundown of what we are asking for:

1. Tell us which page you are coming from to provide your report.

2. Tell us which state you are in.

3. Tell us which county you are in.

4. Answer questions about your location.

5. Answer questions about the weather you are experiencing.

6. (Optional) Provide contact information. Filling out any portion of this form gives us consent to use your storm reports in our reporting and to forward that information, at least anonymously, to the National Weather Service. Providing any personal information gives Belpark Media consent to use this information for internal purposes. You may provide consent to allow us to forward your personal contact info to and ONLY TO the National Weather Service office in your area in this section.

7. That's it!

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