Proposal for Weld RE-4 Professional Learning Opportunity
As educators we will invite students to learn, grow, and improve their understanding. We will hold the same standard for ourselves. By utilizing a personalized approach to professional learning, educators in Weld RE-4 School District will be empowered to hone and advance their skills, ultimately establishing themselves as the leaders of innovative teaching and learning.
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Your title should help attendees easily understand the topic of your session. Please use title case (Limit 12 words). Example: 10 best Google Tools for the Elementary Classroom
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If you have already created a Canvas course (please make sure you have a unique course number for each new session) copy and paste the URL below. If you have not created a course, please type the full and the abbreviated course name you would like for us to use to create this course in Canvas. Adele Lind-Nichols, Dept. of Instruction Secretary, will create a course including the district approved PLO template and share with you via email.
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