Initial survey IALA 2017-18 Group C
Only for registered IALA students
This code has been given in each group's class
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1 I am... *
2 A. I will be attending this class *
2 B. If i have already attended this class my teacher/teacher's has been...
(Cubrir sólo en el caso de haber cursado la asignatura previamente)
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4 A. I was born... *
4 B. I live... *
5. During this year I will be living... *
6. I usually use... *
(more than one option is allowed)
7. I have chosen this degree... *
(if Architecture was a second option, please write your first option in "otra")
8. I think architecture... *
9. Architecture is ... *
10. My family... *
11. Entering the School... *
12. This preparation is due to... *
(Puedes señalar más de una opción)
13. As future architect I am interested in architects like:
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14. The next architectural works are amazing for me:
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15 A. I have read the following books about architecture:
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15 B: I have read the following architectural magazines:
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15 C: I have read the following web sites or blogs about architecture:
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16 A: I know drawing is important, so... *
(More than one option is allowed)
16 B: I think my level is... *
17. I know the study plan... *
18. This semester I will try... *
19. From you, the professors... *
(more than one option is allowed)
20. From IALA I hope.... *
(more than one is allowed)
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