SINE目ME: Personal Documentaries from/on Japan
The online registration for "SINE目ME: Personal Documentaries from/on Japan" presented by the Japan Foundation Manila and the UP Film Institute.

17–21 February 2020
UPFI Film Center

SINE目ME, a program of ten diary films, explores the double-meaning of ME and the formal and aesthetic strategies of implicating oneself in narrating one's immediate social world. ME, in English, is synonymous with I, the subject regarding oneself as an object, and in Japanese (目), the same two letters refer to the eyes and connote the act of looking and seeing.

SINE目ME features six films that plot the artistic milestones and the historical development of Japanese personal documentary filmmaking from 1974 to 2014. The works come from very diverse personalities, wrought by artists using different media, including Super 8, analog video, and the digital camera.

Four films of the program are National Artist Kidlat Tahimik's engagement with Japanese culture, documenting his sojourns to Japan, the friendships he has formed in the process, and the art he has produced as a result of his travels.

Though varied and widely different in styles and approaches, these films demonstrate how the the intimate connection between the filming subject's eyes and the camera is capable of expressing one's unique view of the world and articulating both universal and mundane experiences, like waking up mornings or spending time with family, in poignant ways.

Admission is Php 100/head.

Feb 21 (Fri) 5 PM - Cloud, Insect, Wire Fence + Panel Discussion w/ MIE KURIHARA & KIDLAT TAHIMIK


1974 Extreme Private Eros: Love Song - HARA Kazuo, 98mins
1975 Impressions of a Sunset - SUZUKI Shiroyasu, 23mins
1984 Family Return - ISHII Hideto, 18mins
1992 Embracing - KAWASE Naomi, 40mins
2005 The Cheese and the Worms - KATO Haruyo, 98mins
2014 Cloud, Insect, Wire Fence - KURIHARA Mie, 68mins

1991 Takedera Mon Amour: Diary of a Bamboo Connection, 21mins
1995 Our Bomb Mission to Hiroshima, 20 mins
1996 Japanese Summers of a Filipino Fundoshi, 39mins
2000 Some More Rice, 19mins
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