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Please rank the top 2 section choices for which you wish to write. The sections are News, Opinion, Sports, and Features. If you select Sports, specify 1 or 2 sports you consider you specialties.
Short Answers
1) Why are you interested in serving on the staff of Hawkeye? *
2) List your activities (including sports, clubs, and jobs) and approximate time commitments per week. *
3) Describe one strength that will make you an asset to the staff. *
4) Tell us about your development as a writer. Why do you enjoy writing? *
Staff Writer Assignment
List five unique article topics that you would like to cover as a writer for your top choice section. *
Section Assignments
Please complete the assignment for your first-choice section. You may complete the assignments for other sections if you wish.
Write an article describing a recent school event, competition, or fundraiser. (If you are a freshman, you may describe a middle school event.) You may make up quotes, names, and facts. Examples: a choir trip, a Model UN conference, Mr. JPS, Battle of the Classes, etc.
Write an article expressing your opinion on a controversial issue. Be mindful of your audience and propose changes, improvements, or suggestions if necessary. Articles can be about your view on an issue confined to the walls of JP or high school in general, or any local, national, or global issue relevant to the student body. Examples: club executive board elections, the increased attention given to white supremacist groups, etc.
Write a quirky thematic or life article. Try to incorporate humor. Examples: student life, current trends, etc.
Write an article about a school sports team from any season. You may make up player names, quotes, scores, and dates. Be sure to focus on specific highlights from the season, such as important games, players, or events. Use appropriate sports terminology.
In addition, please upload a copy of any one writing sample (essays, narratives, letters, etc.) to this form. The sample must be a high school English class assignment or a newspaper article. (Freshmen may submit a sample from middle school.) You may choose to attach additional writing samples if you wish.
If you have any questions or wish to see samples or previous Hawkeye issues, please email jpshawkeye@gmail.com or business.hawkeye@gmail.com. Good luck!
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