Call for Speakers - Game UX Summit 19 hosted by La Plaine Images - Oct 2-3 in Lille area, France
Thanks for your interest in the Game UX Summit! Please take the time to carefully fill out this form, which should contain all the necessary information for the summit curators to evaluate it.

Deadline: July 5th at 11:59pm, Pacific time (California)

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Criteria & important info - Read carefully please! :-)
Game UX Summit talks are meant to share best practices about game user experience in a broad sense, applied to video games. Any perspective about game UX can interest us (as you can see from the list of topics above), as long as it's practical and it relates to video games (or other games). Case studies or post-mortems are the most interesting approach for this summit. For example, you can describe what made a particular feature succeed, or fail, and what were the different steps taken to iterate. Note that each talk will be 30 minute long, including Q&A.

Please note that we won't be able to offer a speaker fee and that we typically kindly ask for speakers' companies to cover for their travel expenses, since we're all volunteers and the summit is not for profit. However, we will cover 3 hotel nights in Lille for our speakers and speakers will of course get a complimentary speaker badge for the summit. Please let us know if you would require a sponsor to make it to the summit, as we certainly do not want this financial constraint to be a barrier for independent speakers who cannot be sent by their company. In this case, fill out your proposal and mention in the last question that you would need help to come over. If your talk is accepted we will do our best to find a sponsor to bring you over ^^

The Game UX Summit has a code of conduct that will be strictly enforced (although our community is typically very kind and open-minded). You can consult it here:

Please explain your talk proposal in detail. Explain your main objective for this talk, what takeaways you want to give the audience, and a step-by-step description of your talk (intro, part 1, 2, etc., conclusion). You can use bullet points but please make sure to be PRECISE and mention what CONCRETE EXAMPLES you will use to illustrate your talk. This section is meant for summit curators only. You can add links to a previous talk or to a blog post you wrote. *
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