RustyPlanet Rust Application

As a moderator on RustyPlanet’s servers you become part of a harmonious and multi cultural team of dedicated players from several different countries.

RustyPlanet PVE and PVP are modded servers with a lot of different plugins and services for our players.

We are looking for a friendly, helpful and fair person that will be of help to our players in English, dutch or another language. You, of course, know Rust well and have played 500+ hours of Rust.

Good overview, listening skills, cooperativeness and overall good digital skills are key factors we require of our moderators. You have strong written and oral communication skills and know how to navigate website and servers. New ideas for player events, new plugins for the servers are welcomed.

We keep a cozy and informal tone on our Discord channel and you’re required to do the same.

There will be a one-month trial period for this position. The workplace is our servers and Discord channels.

Accession as soon as possible.
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What skills (outside of Rust) could you provide RustyPlanet.Net ? How would these help the server?(eg: Website Design, Graphic Design, Experience with running other game servers etc) *
Have you ever been banned before on any server *
If Yes, Choose Other and explain Why
The application that you make is the most important way we make a judgement about whether we think you would be suitable as a Admin / Moderator. If you make a good application, it is a good reflection on how well you will perform as a Admin / Moderator. *
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