Harvard-Yale Football Concert Free Student Ticket Form
If you are a student (at Harvard or otherwise), you are eligible to a free ticket for the Harvard-Yale Football Concert on Friday, November 16. We are collecting information through this form in an effort to better understand and cater to our audiences. Upon completion of this form, you will receive instructions on how to claim your physical ticket, which you will need for entry; patrons attempting to show their form submission to ushers on the night of the concert will be denied entry.

If you are filling out this form on behalf of another person, please keep in mind that you must make a unique submission for each ticket (one form submission gives you one ticket), and please put down the email address that you would like to receive your confirmation at.

If you have any questions or concerns whatsoever, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at manager@harvardgleeclub.org.

We are grateful to the Harvard Glee Club Foundation for their support of this free student ticket pilot.

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If you answered "Harvard Glee Club Member" in the previous question, say who! They will most likely be the one to get your ticket to you.
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