The Merry Tutor Application: Naperville Chapter
Direct any questions about the application toward Doris Han at

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You should hear back within 1-2 weeks (Sent out every Friday). Interview emails will be sent out from
General Information
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Please fill these out to the best of your ability regarding your schedules during the school year and summer
**** NOTE: Due to the excess of tutors at the Nichols Library, acceptance is more likely if you were to specialize tutoring at the Alive Center ****
Are you available to tutor at the Alive Center from 4pm to 6pm on either Tuesday or Wednesday? *
What times are you free during the school year and the summer? *
Short Answer
Please keep your answers concise. Your responses may be posted through our various social media outlets. Authors will remain anonymous.
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Books should be appropriate for elementary or junior high school students.
Please supply the name and contact information of a teacher who knows you well. This should be a teacher from your most recent school year.
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Transcripts or classes
Sophomores, juniors, seniors, and second semester freshman-- please send a copy of your current transcript to DORIS HAN at Keep in mind, we have a 3.5 GPA requirement.


For Naperville District 203 students, unofficial transcripts can be found on Infinite Campus under 'Reports.'

Incoming and first semester freshman-- please fill out the required information below. Use full course names. If you are taking multiple classes in that subject area, list them with a comma. Since tutors do sometimes tutor high school students, we look for freshman who are taking challenging course loads and can tutor more advanced subjects. 3 honors/AP courses or more is the norm among accepted incoming/first semester freshman applicants. Your transcript will be requested after your first semester.
What are you taking as a Math course this year? *
What are you taking as a Science course this year? *
What are you taking as a English course this year? *
What are you taking as a Social Studies course this year? *
What other courses are you taking? *
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I understand that if I am accepted as a tutor, I must sign up on the Google Spreadsheet for tutor shifts(link will be given after acceptance) and have a teacher recommendation in order to receive service hours. *
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