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THANK YOU COMMUNITY! Over 300 people met with Members of Congress or their staff on Zoom holding over 150 meetings on Wednesday, April 14th, 2021 for Ocean Climate Action Lobby Day. The fight for climate action and ocean health will continue into the summer. By signing up here, the Ocean Climate Action team will keep you informed of calls to action as we keep up the pressure on our elected officials and federal agencies for sound climate policy that recognizes our oceans as key to the solutions.

Our main priorities:
*Pass the Ocean-Based Climate Solutions Act ( HR8632 which reflects so many of our Ocean Climate Action Plan priorities)
*Expand the Coastal Barriers Resources Act (current law that protects dunes, seagrass, coral reefs, lake and river shorelines can be expanded to the west coast and Pacific islands)
*Clean Ocean Energy: (offshore wind, wave and tidal energy--we must address the root causes of climate change and move towards sustainable energy)
*Shoreline Restoration to Promote Climate Resilience: (We seek $10 billion in federal funding to create jobs building living shorelines and natural barriers for climate resilience)

Learn more about our Ocean Climate Action priorities and read the full plan on our website: http://www.OceanClimateAction2021.org
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