CANOE FOR NATURE Event Registration
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CANOE FOR NATURE Event Registration
Event Timing: Saturday, 8th July, 2023 
Event Address: in Vejle Å - Start @Haraldskær Avlsgård and end at Rosborg Gymnasium

Registration Deadline: 30th June 2023

Planning: Details will be sent to your email, after registration.

Questions? Contact us at: or call 71 69 48 56 (after 17.00)
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Terms and Conditions
• Fishing from the canoe is strictly prohibited.
• Remember, landing is strictly prohibited in the lakes.
• Avoid touching or collide designated or set fishing gear.
• Please show maximum respect towards the anglers during the voyage.
• Littering is forbidden – take it to the nearest services.
• Remember by weirs to run the trailers back to the gangway after use.
• Noisy behavior is prohibited
• Dogs are not allowed.
• Bonding canoes are prohibited.
• It is not allowed to sail against the stream
• Landing outside passages and rest areas is prohibited
• Rest and overnight stay on private land may only take place with permission from the owner.
• Bonfires are only allowed on fireplaces at the rest areas.

More Details:

• Indian Association of Denmark (IAD) is not at all responsible for any bad incidents, accidents or injuries, lost items during the canoe trip. Its up to individual risk.
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