Karaoke Song Request
Please fill out our Song Request Form only while at the bar directly from your table by using your phone and save your spot in the queue.

If the form is filled out before the night starts, your spot in the queue will not be reserved. Please fill out the form once, and wait until your current turn is over to submit another request.

If you are having issues filling out the form, please wave one of our staff members over for assistance.

Refrain from approaching the DJ booth at all times and remain at your table until your name is called.

A staff member will sanitize the mic, mic stand, and stool in between each singer.

***IMPORTANT: Once your name is called, please wear a mask to the mic stand. Mask MUST cover both your NOSE & MOUTH completely! There will be hand sanitizer at the karaoke station, please sanitize your hands before and after you start singing, and keep your mask on the whole time until your song is over and you return to your table***

Please respect social distancing when walking to and from the mic stand, ALWAYS wear your MASK when not seated at your table, and acquaint yourself with our main COVID-19 Guidelines as well.

First and Last Name *
Song Option 1 (PLEASE list TITLE and ARTIST) *
Song Option 2 (If option one is not available, this one will be chosen. - (PLEASE list TITLE and ARTIST) *
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