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Before filling this form please make sure you read the Freedge Yourself guide!
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Did you already identified a location for the freedge? If yes, tell us why do you think it's a good location. If not, did you think of any potential locations? Have a look at the Freedge Yourself guide for some ideas (
Are you planning to install your freedge indoors or outdoors?
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How are you planning to decorate your freedge? If you are doing it outdoors, what type of structure are you planning to protect it?
Do you need financial support to buy or build your freedge and do you want to apply for a freedge micro-grant? If yes, please tell us how much you expect to spend, if possible with a breakdown of estimated expenses.
If not, what other types of support can we provide?
Are you linked to any non-profit organization? If yes, which one?
If you are applying for a freedge micro-grant, have you tried any fundraising actions around you? For example did you talk to local entrepreneurs and ask for donations? How is the community supporting you?
If you receive a micro-grant, we ask you to send us a feedback email 45 days after you receive the funds. In this email we would like you to describe how the funds were used and how your freedge is functioning, or if you have any issue that is delaying the project.
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To receive these funds, we require that you spend them on the construction of a community fridge. Potential uses include the purchase of a refrigerator, decoration supplies, or the materials needed to build the protecting structure, such as wood, metal and paint.  If for any reason you end up not installing a community fridge, you have to send us the money back.
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Good Luck!
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