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Are you in need of donations of fabric face masks? If so please fill out the form below and we will be in touch shortly:
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This may seem redundant but it helps us sort! :) With more and more volunteers - we want to match manufacturers locally to centers in need.
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Please enter a date. If you can give us an understanding of when your org will need them we will try and prioritize based on need.
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Masks are our first priority but we have A LOT of manufacturers ready to help so please let us know if you need gowns and any requirements.
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Please read and confirm: I understand that these fabric masks are not sterile and that they should be washed at high temperatures prior to use *
Please read and confirm: I understand that manufacturers and individual volunteers across the USA are making these masks, not N.A.bld. N.A.bld is solely the connecting platform and is not responsible for defects to masks. *
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