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I'm building a service to help my Developer connections across the Globe find a great job they love, as I appreciate their time to work with me. I also want to give something back to the Hiring community too and this is a way I think will work for all parties based on my experience in the Tech field.

You can post your job(s) here for free and I'll see if any of my registered Developers fit the bill. If they do I'll send them your job and they can apply to you direct, so no fees involved.

Multi-dimensional criteria:

- Team / Company culture
- Core skills
- Complementary skills - modern techs (AWS / serverless computing etc etc)
- Achievements/strengths aligned to your job

It's more than just the basic 'are they a .Net Engineer' filtering because as we know that's not very effective (maybe 2% success rate).

I'll also push the jobs listings out to my wider network who are all passively interested in good roles, this will help you reach new audiences too :)

Thanks for your time and support, I can't wait to help you find a new Tech person for your Team!

PS if you want to see how your listing will be shown... -


Sam Woolley

This service is operated by Tehk Recruitment Ltd - feel free to get in touch any time :) thanks!
Direct employers only no agencies - available worldwide in all countries.

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