ConCoction 2019 Panel Submission
Cleveland Concoction will be randomly filming parts of the convention.
Participation in panels does constitute acceptance of your inclusion in this project and the use of your name in written publications such as the Program Book, web page, and flyers to attendees.
No personal information will be given out or displayed. Publications will only be used for advertising.
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Cleveland ConCoction is committed to providing a safe and welcoming convention experience for ALL persons. Please read our anti-harassment policy here:

Additional policy for panelists will be explained to participants t the convention.

All participants who run panels, workshops, and performances must abide by ConCoction's policies.

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All panelists wishing to have their registration compensated must do at least three hours of panels, workshops, or performances or a combination of panels and volunteering. This policy includes all participants in your group (if applicable). If you have already pre-registered and you have at least three hours of panels accepted, your registration may be refunded at the end of the convention or deferred until the following year. If you feel you don't need to have your registered comped, refunded, or deferred, ConCoction thanks you for your support of helping the convention!

If you are assigned three or more panels and you fail to meet them without justifiable reasons, ConCoction reserves the right to not refund the cost of your membership and to not include you in programming in future years.

If you have any questions or concerns about these policies, please contact We wish to be welcoming and discuss any and all possibilities to best serve your interest in hosting programming.

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If there are cancellations of other panels during the convention, are you willing and able to fill an opening with content if ConCoction programming asks you? Know this may be with short notice.
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