CoC Summer Internship 2021
The Christians on Campus Summer Internship for UC Berkeley students is for the purpose of equipping students to better serve our Lord Jesus. Interns will labor side-by-side with staff members on campus and in the community during the summer, learning invaluable lessons in outreach and shepherding. You will experience the joy of working on a variety of activities that will equip you and build you together with your fellow team members. We pray that Christ will be glorified and His Body will be built up this summer through our service.

This summer we will have a two-week internship from June 7-19. The internship will be fully accessible remotely, but if you are in Berkeley we will also have bonus in-person components! Keep in mind that this is a full-time commitment when you sign up; please do not plan on taking classes, working a part-time job, etc, during this time.

Some responsibilities of the internship may include:
* Meeting and contacting new freshmen to welcome them to campus and to introduce our club
* Working in small teams to plan, prepare, and participate in student and community events
* Developing interpersonal skills through individual and group presentations
* Using print and online media for effective communication
* Shepherding new and existing students in appointments and by visitation

Questions? Contact Larry 510.708.7560

DEADLINE to register is May 31.
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Greeting & welcoming people
Helping others with Bible basics
Team building & leadership
Public speaking & presentations
Organizing activities & events
Food planning & preparing
Video/Photography/Graphic design/Art
Web/Facebook configuration
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A need based stipend is available on a case by case basis. Please come talk to us if you need financial support (eg, for rent, living expenses, etc.).
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